Steps To Designing The Perfect Package

Designing a package for a product is a complex process, and does not simply involve putting your product inside a box. This process is a time consuming one, which requires the effort of more than one individual, and should be done by placing much thought on it. If you want your package design to be perfect here are some of the steps you will need to include in the designing process.

Do Research

Doing research is an essential prerequisite of any major business decision, and it should not be any different when deciding on your product package. You should carry out a market research, by using your customers’, or potential customers’ feedback. This can be done through a simple questionnaire on what they look for in packaging, or even by showing them a few different types of packaging and asking them to pick the best one and to give the reasoning behind their choice. Sometimes your customers’ feedback may give you a lot more insights than you thought you would get. In addition you can look at successful brands that sell similar products, and analyse the type of packaging they use.


When designing a package your head may be filled with a million ideas, and you may want to put every bit of information and visual stimulant on it. It is ill advised to get carried away in this manner, since such a packaging may end up over whelming the customer. Know what is most important, and what you want your customers to notice the most and prioritize on that feature. In addition some ideas, or prints that you want on your product may not look as appealing on the actual package as it does on paper. Talk to your digital printing partner and your production team first, and find out whether your ideas are actually feasible.

Make a Prototype

Any crazy idea or design can look great on paper, but may come out looking completely different, or completely unusable, once it has been materialized. In order to fix this problem, you will need to get a digital printing Dubai firm to make you a prototype before you finalize the design. Hand this prototype to a selected group of customers, or even employees, and ask them follow up questions on what they thought about the packaging. By giving your packaging a test drive of sorts you will be easily able to figure out any flaws in your design.

Revising is important

If any faults or oversights are spotted in your prototype, or is pointed out by your test sample group, then don’t be afraid to make changes. While sticking to a plan is a necessary part of your design process, you must also leave room for any alterations that must be done. This will ensure that you will be able to produce an almost flawless package for your product.