Maintenance Tips For New Car Owners

When you are totally new to cars, and only want to keep it pretty and in perfect working order, the hurdle that comes your way can be hard to even imagine. There are a lot of things to keep in check when concerning vehicles and their working order and sometimes it is not hard to forget a step or two. This is totally fine unless the skips concern something of vital nature to the engine and other technical aspects that make the car move. Then in addition, here are some tips for you to keep in mind when taking care of your new vehicle.

· Engine oil must be a regular thing

Just as you change the type of cereal you eat once in a while, the engine oil of the car must also be replaced with new oil on a regular basis, like on a monthly basis. If you find an oil leak it should be fixed and then adding oil routinely must be a priority. When you are doing the dipstick reading you have to make sure that the car is in level ground and not in a hill so that you are taking wrong levels and also overfilling will not do you any good.

· Washing

Your BMW body kit will not keep its great appearance until you give it a good wipe down and spraying, which is a must to keep it in good health. A weekly wash is most preferable for good car maintenance but giving it to the professional car washes is also a good thing to do on a monthly basis. Fender wells and undercarriages should be washed properly to take out and dust, dirt and road salt stuck to them and waxing will give your car a better coating to combat the harsh winds and dust scratches.

· Checking tire air pressure

This is one of the more vital rituals that need to be performed on a monthly basis and as an essential item before long term road tips and camping trips. You can get a professional to check the tire pressure or you can buy your own one from a repair shop (make sure to get a brand that is recognized as an accurate reader like digital ones) and check each tire’s pressure. If your car is tilting and has been doing that for a while then your BMW body kit will also end up getting deformed accordingly).

Make sure to get your car serviced by a professional on a regular basis as well so that things such as steering control, brake belts and other sensitive equipment also gets a check-up.