How To Reduce Back Pain At Office

If you are engaged in a job that requires a lot of sitting in one place, you may have experienced back pain towards the end of the day. Some of you may think this is not a problem, but long term back pain due to bad posture of sitting may cause severe joint and spine issues. It is important to maintain an active life throughout the day to avoid back pain. Here are few things you can do to reduce the back pain. Check this link for more office supplies available online.
Ergonomic seating
Ergonomic seat is a tool that can be used to elevate the seating position of a person. These are adjustable and have sufficient back support and arm support. Ergonomic office chairs are slightly more expensive than ordinary ones. However every organisation is required to provide employees with these types of chairs under the health and safety code. If you are not provided one, you can contact the human resources and request for a chair if you have a severe back pain.
Have a footrest
If you are unable to request an ergonomic seat, easiest thing to do is to bring a foot rest to work. These are small step like benches that you can use to keep the foot on it. They provide some comfort to manage the seating posture and help with the pain from hanging legs. Some foot rests come with a massagers as well, these are quite expensive.
Bring a cushion or back support
If office chairs are not very comfortable to sit in and gives you back pain, bring a cushion with you to work. This will help with back support while sitting. To make it more comfortable there are lumbar supports that you can attach to the chair. You can buy these from any furniture store or online. These come with a cushion or they come as a net to provide more flexible support.
Walk and stretch
Even though you have the most comfortable chair in the world you can still get back pain if you do not move around. It is important to walk around a bit every one hour to stretch the back muscle and the spine. Stretch a bit and stretch your legs and arms. IF you stay in the same position for hours it locks the joints and muscles and this will give you not only back pain but also various joint pains.
Take a hot and cold pouch
If you are pregnant or overweight you may have back pains more often. In this case take a hot and cold pouch with you. Keep it in the microwave for a bit and keep the pouch on your back to ease the pain. You can get these gel packs from your local pharmacy. These can be put in the fridge and used as a cold therapy as well. This will come handy if you usually work long hours and go home late.
Health come first, it is important to make sure your seating posture is correct and you are given appropriate chairs to sit at the office.