Enjoy The Incredible Desert Safari In Dubai

Desert safari is the most adventurous activity in Dubai beside scuba diving, sky diving and hot air balloon ride. If you visit to Dubai and not going to take camel ride and desert safari, it is all waste to go there. Apart from Dubai there are so many deserts in the world which offers desert safari. But visitors always kept it in the top. The city itself is situated on the desert but it is not a deserted city.
You get rare opportunity to visit Dubai probably once in your lifetime. So don’t go there without proper panning, and utilize your fund properly. Otherwise you will not understand when you are running out of money and if it happens it will be very bothering. At first, try to visit Dubai’s main tourist destinations and then if possible visit the other places. Thankfully you can even get the chance to go for affordable desert safari if you can find the right desert safari price offered by providers.
Dubai is not a city of middle class family. Pre-oil situation was another time for Dubai but the post-oil situation is different. There is literally hell and heaven difference between two times. One can’t recognize today’s Dubai from old photographs. Super modern technology and strong economy has changed the city. The lifestyle of the people has changed. Though Dubai follows strict Shariah laws still it become successful to make itself one of the most extravagant cities in the world. It is incomparable with many other beautiful cities and the most developed cities in the Middle East. This is become the international tourist attraction for its adventurous desert safari. Though desert safari price is little higher, but you will get some ride in a comparatively lower cost too.
Desert safaris normally starts in the late afternoon when the sun just lowering down. Because Dubai is a very hot place and stay super hot throughout the year. It is too hot to go outside in the morning. Under the scorching sun you can’t enjoy Desert safari properly especially if you are from any wintry countries. But temperature falls at night. Apart from high desert safari, every adventure in Dubai is expensive like scuba diving, sky diving, hot air balloon ride etc. But the difference is, these can be experienced anytime. But when you are in Dubai, try to take its authentic essence. In case of sky diving, if you are very scared to dive, you can have indoor skydiving experience in the city’s indoor skydiving centre.
While enjoying outing in late evening you can visit souks and have dinner with authentic Arabian foods. You can enjoy entertaining Arabian music and dance with some liquor. In the camp, liquor may cost between eight to twelve dollars. Watching the star studded sky at night from the desert will be an incredible experience because like the desert.