Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s not a surprise if I said that Halloween is the most looked forward holidays in the world, after Christmas. As a reason it is more obvious that, the costume wearing part is the most enjoyed by the celebrators. Because you have celebrated Halloween as a kid and now you have passed a few years, there is a chance that you might have run out of ideas for your next Halloween party. Given below are some Halloween costume ideas which can be easily organized and would look great on you.

Dress up as celebrities

Dressing up as celebrities for Halloween are the most common of all. Though one might think that dressing up as a celebrity is a bit costly for the outfits and makeup, there are some celebrity choices which are not at all costly. If Bruce Springsteen is to be taken as an example, his trade mark outfit is only a white T shirt, denim trouser, and the red cap in his back pocket. How difficult is it to find those? On the other hand, there are quite a number of celebrities in the eighties where their iconic out fits make very good 1980’s costumes.

Bunny rabbit

The bunny rabbit is one of the most commonly dressed Halloween outfit of all time. Many young women, even grownups for that matter dress up at least with a pair of bunny ears and parade around as a bunny. Though a woman in a bunny gives out a flirtatious vibe, it’s very suitable for a friendly Halloween party. Even other animals like cats, dogs and cows are often imitated as Halloween costumes.

T shirts with quotes

This is for all those lazy guys over there who doesn’t want to move a muscle for the sake of Halloween. You should only go to any textile store, buy a white t shirt and make a quote printed on it. It shouldn’t always be a quote, it could be anything. There is a T shirt idea of a guy who was inspired by the floor of the cinema for a costume. He pasted all the things that could be seen on the cinema floor like popcorn, chocolate rappers, and paper serviettes and so on. The idea was very original and innovative.


Halloween is all about creativity and surprise. From wearing an 80s fancy dress costumes to a simple white printed t shirt, you should always be imaginative and innovative.

Hope that the next Halloween party for you want be another repeated costume or one frustrated with no Halloween costume ideas.