Dresses For Different Body Types

Women are shaped very different from each other. Some women may be busty while some women may be petite and other women could be tall and fair so from what we understand, women come in a lot different shapes and certain dress designs helps accentuate certain body types and certain dress designs do not go well with certain body types.

According to common knowledge, we are aware of how some body types are not able to pull off all types of dresses so you have to be very careful when purchasing a dress. You should always try to understand if the dress type accentuates your body or highlights your problem areas. Some people have a hard time separating the dress types that make them look better from the ones that highlight their problem areas which is why we have compiled a list of tips to follow when shopping for a dress for your body type. Whether you’re a woman who wears plus size dresses in Dubai or you’re a size zero, we’ve got everything you need to figure out the best dress type for your body.

Dress types for full figured women

If you’re a woman who has a very full figure and have higher body fat than most women, we have the ideal type of dresses for you. It will accentuate your figure and enhance the beauty of your curves. Often plus sized clothing are made with the customer’s body type in mind with hopes of accentuating all the best areas of your body while taking away the attention placed on your problem areas. The best type of dresses for full figured women are dressed that hug their bodies in the right way. If the dress is too tight, it can draw attention to your problem areas and if the dress is too loose, it can make you seem like an overgrown fourteen year old boy.

Dress types for short women

If you’ve spent most of your teenage years wishing and praying that you would grow taller, we have the type of dresses that will make your dreams of being tall somewhat a reality. If you’re short, try to keep the silhouette of your dress, fitted and snug so that your petite body will be highlighted and accentuated. Also, if you really feel bold enough to play with patterns and designs, try dresses with monochromatic styles because they create the illusion of an elongated body which will make you appear taller than you are.

Dress types for women with a small bust

Usually, a smaller bust will get you mistaken for a little boy but there are ways in which you can accentuate other areas of your body whilst drawing attention away from your small bust. If you’re a tall girl with a small bust, draw attention towards your long legs with a short fitted dress.