4 Wedding Stage Designs

You might be looking at planning the wedding of the century. There are so many things that you will have to consider if you want your wedding day to stand out from the crowd. You will have to think about space .You will also have to take into consideration the number of guests who will be attending the party too. Here are some tips on designing a great wedding stage:
Lighting and flowers
You must carefully think about the lights and flowers and as to what will combine with what. If you are using fresh flowers you must think about using light strings which must be attached to one and another. First try to get the stage covered in nice lush curtains then add some lights in string form with some flowers attached to it too. You must make the best out of the wedding Kosha designs out there. Flowers do make a major part of any wedding so make sure that you make the best use out of them.
Hang bright drapes
If you want to go out of the way to make your special day stand out then try some bright curtains which have some crystals attached to them too. This will make the backdrop look and feel romantic. Make sure that the curtains you use are in yellow or orange as this will glam up the venue. If you are not into yellow and orange try burgundy or red!
Use satin
You must try to incorporate satin into different areas or places of the venue. Keep in mind that less is a lot more so then you will be able to achieve the goal of your dream wedding. You must make sure that the stage looks classy you can do this by making the drapes or the sofa cushions in the fabric. Satin is smooth and soft to the touch it gives off the feeling of luxury and comfort!
Use lots of white and gold
You must try to incorporate the colors of white and gold into the wedding Kosha designs you have chosen. The combination will look rich and festive too. It will give the appeal of a royal background, you can even try decorating the pillars in these shades to make them stand out and be visible to the guests. It will make you and your partner stand out in the photos too!
Keep in mind that there are many wedding stand designs for you to choose from. You have to make sure that you pick the best one for your special day!